Services We Offer

ASIB Accredited Fire Protection designing

Our experienced in-house engineering department, replete with design office, are experts in the industry and highly qualified to provide detailed designs on various systems and construction. We provide a full analysis and design reliable, cost effective solution systems best suited to code compliance. Our state-of-the-art CAD capability allows us to meet tight deadlines and maintain fast paced schedules. Our designers are all registered professionals

Rational Fire Reports

It is imperative that buildings are designed to allow for safe escape and the control of fire and smoke; a minor design flaw could potentially place people, equipment and property at risk. Compliance with the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, Act No 103 of 1977, Fire Protection, as set out in SANS 10400 Part T: 2011

Risk Audits and Management

Risk audits will proactively identify risk which can be managed and reduced to an appropriate low level through adequate testing and sufficient evidence.

Risk may carry legal liability. Risk assessment after consultation are audited and concluded with a written recommendation of an auditor. 

Health and Safety Audits and Management

It is not only time and capital that is vital to the effective and efficient functioning of any company or facility, Health and Safety are key and vitally important in ensuring that your business is sustainable in these unpredictable times. So…Are you confident that you are safety compliant and risk free?

ECH offers you service and PEACE OF MIND by ensuring that your business measures up to the Health and Safety at all times.


Regular training increases knowledge and the ability of employees in the correct application of safety technology and personal protective equipment. Training will equip employees to take correct and safe decisions in stressful situations. Knowledge allows employees to effectively deal emergency situations by applying their training to act quickly and decisively. Investment in personal, product and maintenance safety training always delivers returns – TRAINED EMPLOYEES ARE EFFICIENT EMPLOYEES.

Total Turn-key Project Management

We offer comprehensive project management.

Design, construction and maintenance of the physical and natural environment is a specialist area requiring our level of experience and excellence backed by our professionals thus making ECH the logical choice which will allow you to focus on what really matters…..your business and growth